Touching Lives Welfare Trust raised funds for 45 children and 75 is still to go

We still have a long way to go!!!!!!!!!! Few months ago, I’d shared about the new learning center where we have shifted. We are still raising funds for the same. We have raised funds for 45 children and 75 is still to go….!!! Full year thing comes up to 4,40,000/- and if we divide it by 120 children , it comes up to 3,666/- per child !!!! We have raised 1,64,970/- by now which is helping us to touch lives and you guys made it possible. Thus, if you could thus share this message further, it would help us to move effortlessly and easily!!! We would be able to concentrate on serving them… Can give you all the details if you wish to contribute Let me know :)))) Also, I am not keeping too well….so if you email drop me a message for info, I will try to get back as soon I can !!!

Contact us @ or by phone @ (+91) 9833 677 541 for Ankit Kanani, Communications..

Touching Lives Welfare Trust
201, Patkeshwar Apt., Vasant Rao Road, Babhai Naka, Borivali (west), Mumbai, India, 400092


We are a group of people working according to the projects. Many volunteers are associated with us through. �TIME, KNOWLEDGE AND YOUR PRESENCE�.

Our Trust Members are:

Mr. Abhinav Shukla, Law Graduate
Miss. Nisha Joshi, Law Graduate, Author
Mr. Habib Mackwani, Business
Miss. Sonia Mackwani, Founder Director, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Hypnotherapist, Reseacher
We thank and we respect all the members of Touching Lives and we wish them lucked for the endeavors ahead in life.

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