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I have been struggling with a number of xl sheets for a few days now and what has dawned very clearly is the fact that I am staring at a situation at Angel Xpress Foundation which could turn dire in short order if help isn’t forthcoming. So here is an APPEAL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Read on to understand why we need your contribution to keep our work going.
Angel Xpress Foundation needs your help, today more than ever before. We really need to raise funds in the short term. Any amount, big or small, is going to make a big difference and fill us up for the future.
Here are some details:
Project Status (April 2012 – September 2014)
At Centers:
Daily English and Math lessons peppered with values, responsibility and civic sense for 800 children who are mostly first generation learners from the slums of Mumbai with the help of almost a 100 volunteers and 14 teachers across 5 locations in Mumbai (1 hour free tuitions operated from public parks and promenades).
These centers have been used by thousands of donors to extend their generosity, sometimes through countless rounds of snack distribution, birthday party celebrations, toy/shoes/clothes give-aways, outings and treats for children who are not so deprived anymore.
Two new centers under discussion currently including one to be fully sponsored and housed on the premises of L&T Finance Holdings for employee engagement.
At BMC Schools:
17 teachers appointed in 8 vernacular medium municipal schools to give daily English lessons to 2500 children. These children typically can’t read English at all and will be at a serious disadvantage when they grow up for opportunities in further studies or the job market. The BMC Education officers have indicated that they are very happy with the impact made by our intervention and would like us to continue and grow this work in coming years.
The current scenario at AXF accounts – A cash crunch
In the course of our work over the past 2.5 years, we have raised donations/commitments to the extent of Rs. 1.5 cr, however parts of this money will flow to us over the next 2 years. Due to unforeseen delays in certain funds that should have come to us by now, our operations need an instant cash injection so we can smoothly execute our projects which are underway.
Some figures:
From a total projected requirement of 44 lacs in 2014-15, we currently have a gap of 5 lacs in the cash flow requirement vs fund availability.
There is also a gap of 27 lacs in the budgeted expense of app 78 lacs against which we have an assured fund flow of about 51 lacs in 2015-16.
Overall there is a fund requirement vs available fund flow mismatch of Rs. 15 lacs that is anticipated between Jan – June 2015 and this is the gap we seek to fill at this moment. (We can provide you the cash flow statement & project report if you need.)
We need your contributions:To make a donation to Angel Xpress Foundation you can transfer funds to Account Name: Angel Xpress Foundation, Savings Account no 912010064061671, Axis Bank, Off Linking Road Branch, IFSC Code UTIB0001624 and SWIFT Code: AXINBB028 Please follow up any contribution with a mail to with your Name: Gender (M/F) Age: Address: Ph. No: Email id: PAN: (required if donation in a year is over Rs. 10000/-), Bank Name: Chq no/Transaction no..All donations to us are deductible under section 80G.
With heartfelt thanks in anticipation of the love and support that I know will flow to this cause. Please share a word with friends who may wish to help/contribute.
lots of love,
Anubha Sharma
Founder, Angel Xpress Foundation

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