Prerana works to end second generation prostitution and to protect women and children from the threats of human trafficking

While studying social work in Mumbai, Priti Patkar would often venture into the city’s red light district and observe its self-perpetuating sex trade. Recognizing that children who grow up around prostitution are likely to enter the sex trade themselves, Priti established night shelters for children of prostituted women in order to remove them from this dangerous environment. Priti earns the 2014 Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards Human Rights Award for her strides in interrupting the cycle of intergenerational prostitution.

Priti opened her first childcare center in Kamathipura, one of the busiest red light areas in Mumbai. Today, she runs four shelters. She offers comprehensive child care 24 hours a day. Kids receive meals, healthcare, education, and a safe place to play. Their moms have access to medical care and vocational training. Priti’s organization, Prerana, makes freedom of choice possible for those who are raised believing that it’s not. Without judgment, she offers alternatives, a chance to break the cycle.

Prerana is registered under the Societies Registration Act (Registration No: 372/1990) and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (Registration No: 83780710).

Ground Floor, Khetwadi Municipal School (Dagdishala)
Behind Alankar Theatre, 1st Lane, Khetwadi,
Grant Road (East), Mumbai 400 004
Phone: +91 22 2387 7637


Tasks in Prerana for Volunteers

Project Sites:

  1. Field projects in the red light districts of Kamathipura and Khetwadi in Mumbai
  2. Naunihal – a residential cum vocational training centre for girls at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
  3. Turbhe field project, Navi Mumbai

Age Group:
All age groups- Mostly 3 to 18 years (and a few above up to 21 yrs)

How to help


Areas Specific Tasks Key Contact Person(s)
Teaching Subjects: English, Math and Science Subjects for 7th to 12th standard students. Coaching students who have failed in 10th or 12th standard mostly owing to difficulties in the above mentioned subjects Suneetha, Savita, Preeti Iyer
Yoga: At Kamathipura, Khetwadi, Turbhe Stores and Kharghar Centres Vilas, Savita
Art: At Kamathipura, Khetwadi, Turbhe Stores and Kharghar Centres Suneetha, Savita
Vocational Guidance Coordinate vocational/ career guidance sessions once a month by inviting resource
persons from different career streams to guide, motivate, and counsel children
Prachi, Vilas, Savita
Job Placements Job placements for 18 and above years old children who are 10th and 12th passed.

Placement in retail outlets and in housekeeping opportunities for those who are semi-literate and illiterate.

Priti, Sukhada,
Vilas, Savita
Public Speaking Skills Conduct workshops for children and staff Prachi, Aruna, Savita
English Speaking Skills Workshops/sessions for children and staff Mugdha, Savita
Setting up Marketing Links Set up marketing links for Prerana’s Garment Making Unit, Bakery Unit, Jewelry
Designing/Making Unit, etc.
Pravin, Priti, Saumya, Preeti Iyer
Resource Mobilization General fund-raising for education of children Pravin, Preeti Iyer, Saumya
Lady Medical Doctors Weekly visits to the residential complex at Kharghar Savita
Cooking Classes Conduct cooking classes for girls at the Kharghar centre and also for other interested children Savita
Other Classes Conduct classes in embroidery, jewelry making, fabric painting, etc. for interested children Savita
Documentation Help the team write their monthly reports/case reports in English (at least about 20 hours a month) Priti, Preeti Iyer, Saumya
Website Updating Help us update our website Priti, Preeti Iyer, Saumya
Software based modules and flash presentations development Evolve flash shows and other software-based modules for training of police, prosecutors, social workers, state officials, etc. in child protection and other subjects related to antihuman trafficking Priti, Preeti Iyer, Saumya
Please review the following documents before you apply:


How To Apply

After reviewing the documents above, please write to us at with details about the area you are interested in volunteering in.

Awareness initiative for protection of women & children pune

Rape and sexual abuse-

On the rise in India.
On the rise in Maharashtra.
On the rise in Pune.

Do we need to read of more cases of rape and sexual abuse before taking action to bring true change in our community? Or shall we wait until someone we care for becomes a victim ? If we don’t stand for our own mothers’, wives’ and children’s safety, who will ?

Would you like to make a lasting difference? We can help.

Serve & Protect Baner is a group that can organize crisp, practical & informative awareness programs at your office or your society. We address not just safety programs but we also are eager to present our solution to stop sexual abuse at its root, something no one seems to be addressing.

Come, Serve & Protect for true change.
Please don’t wait till it’s too late.

Contact: Sachin – +91-9766828954. Aravind  – +91-9822182570. E-mail:




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