PAGIR Ladakh The People’s Action Group for Inclusion and Rights


PAGIR is one of Ladakh’s most active organisations with some amazingly active people. What makes them very special is that they are an organization of very special people; people who have much bigger hearts and fighting spirit than the rest of us. People who have risen above the challenges that nature tried to put in their way. Yes they are an organization of very specially-abled people, who some of us might ignorantly call disabled people.
Their leader is Mohamed Iqbal. Clinically he would be labeled 100% disabled because all his limbs are totally dysfunctional. But nothing would be farther from the truth. He writes, he uses his mobile phone and even draws and paints using his mouth. He does not only get by in life, but leads an organization of dozens of people. How many of us do that?
Why I am suddenly writing about PAGIR today?
Well this morning I saw them shifting their office. They were renting few rooms at the SECMOL office in Housing Colony and now they are shifting to a one room office they have built on their own land. Great news, except that the new plot is virtually in the middle of the desert 5 km away from Leh, just above the JNV school on Sabu thang.
This has become a big problem for them as they fear losing half of their staff. Most of their staff are physically challenged in one way or another and work for very small salaries (around 3K). So several of them have said that they would not be able to continue due to the distance and the 40 rupees that commuting from Leh will cost them daily.
This morning as the SECMOL students were helping them pack and move things I got an idea that I would like to share with you all here.
If some of us get together to buy them an electric Rikshaw (the kind that you see at Metro stations in Delhi) then not only can they provide free transport to their workers but…
But also start a Green Transport revolution in Leh city. They can provide employment to a partly disabled person to run the same Rikshaw during the day, for local commuters between SNM Hospital Leh and Housing Colony (Tiari Rong) which is perfectly suitable for an electric Rikshaw. Apart from employing a person and solving their staff problems this will actually earn the organization roughly 15,000 rupees per month.
So please join hands to donate what you can for this cause… 1,000 or 10,000 its the spirit that counts. I will happily bear the gap between the collection and the final cost of the Rikshaw, which is roughly 150,000 rupees. And if the whole amount is raised from your collections then I will pay for another Rikshaw, so that they could move towards running a fleet of clean and green electric Rikshaws in Leh.
Now I would call this a Win-win-win-win solution.
Win by helping Leh city with some clean air,
Win by helping PAGIR retain the staff and their jobs)
Win by creating new jobs for (partially) challenged people (as drivers),
And win by ensuring a steady income for their organization.
You can directly contribute into PAGIR’s Bank account No: 4566000100012979 in Punjab National Bank, Leh. Or hand it over to the office administrator at the SECMOL office in Housing Colony. In this case call Ms. Phuntsog at 9906264641.
Do please say so in the comments below or message me if you want to contribute (along with the amount), so we can keep track.

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Visit to Rehabilitation Center of HIV + Children near Bhugaon Pune 9th nov 2014

On 9th November 2014, Sunday we are going to visit the Rehabilitation Center of HIV + Children near Bhugaon (approximately 60kms from pune) of the NGO Manavya ( its web site address is

Starting from Manavya’s Pune office in Kothrud by gathering there at 10 AM. They are providing transport from there pune office to Bhugaon and back to office in their Tempo Traveller and other veicles, if required. But you people can join with your own veicle from pune office at 10 AM or directly join in Bhugaon at 1 PM or before that.(particularly those coming from Mumbai or other destinations). We can go in a veicle pull also from pune kothrud office and back there.

In the declared programme, I have not mention about the lunch. But as the timing is going to be odd (programme will be finish by around 2 PM or before that), after programme, those interested will go for a lunch in near by Hotel Wood land or other near by restaurant. Expense of that will be bared by total bill divided by actual participants. But its uf course optional. So awaiting for your response, phone calls.

After reaching there, in a programme, we will donate the things to the children like toys, cloths etc. or it can be monetary donation also( details given in my common mail or in post on meetup about this event).

This event will have a press release in English news paper like Indian Express or Times and Marathi like Sakal and Lokmat.

Those who can not attend the programme can also help by sending cheques or by online transfer to NGO’s office ( details about money transfer procedure given in my common mail or in meetup post about this event).

Your names will be declare in programme.

All the details like details of programme, what can be donated and avoided, Ngo’s office address in kothrud pune, bank details with IFSC Code etc. ( details given in my common mail or in meetup post about this event) You can go through all the details, there.)

In case of monetary donation, you will gate a receipt and you are legible for all the income tax benefits. If you attend the programme, you will gate the receipt there only and in case you are not attending, you can send cheque to NGO’s office or can make on line transfer into their account and have to convey to me on my mob. You will gate the receipt by courier to your postal address. So for that you have to send your postal address also while sending cheque and in case of online transfer, convey your postal address to me. In case of cheque sending, please write the name of our group, behind the cheque. All the details regarding this, you can find in my common mail or in meetup post about this event.

In case of monetary donation, either you can select sponsored programme (details about that given in my common mail or in meetup post about this event) or you can select the amount as per your wish.

So those interested, please apart from making RSVP here, convey to me by contacting on 9881831122 that you are attending or only sending donation and if attending, you are coming by your own vehicle or joining vehicle pull etc.. For any clarification, contact me on my mob 9881831122.


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Touching Lives Welfare Trust

We are at:

Touching Lives Mandala House
Bungalow C-1, Carolyn, Navagoan, Dahisar West, Near JBCN School, Opposite Rahul Medical Store.

2. Touching Lives Community Center

Indra Nagar Slums, Opposite Happy Homes, Hitendra Honda Show Room, Dahisar West.

If you want to join us as an intern / volunteer please write to us at :

If you wish to take workshop for our children:

If you have queries regarding donations:

If you have any other queries, or connect with our Communication Head

Ankit Kanani –

Or call at 9833677541 (Monday to Friday 10 to 6)

Founded Year: 2003

Cause category: Education

Visit on Facebook: TouchOneLife

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